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We are a professional hand tools & power equipment manufacturing company in China
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Focus is fundamental. As hand tools & power equipments manufacturers, we can provide the customers with the highest performance hand tools and survive the global competition. Over the past 23 years, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge in hand tool and power equipment manufacturing. Each of our products reflects this expertise.

quality matters

We are committed to maintaining the highest quality standards for hand tools and power equipment. This commitment is evident at every stage of the manufacturing process, from design and production to testing and final inspection.

We are a leading manufacturer of hand tools and power equipment with a wide range of products to suit different needs and applications.

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ODM & OEM services

Always providing better products is our guiding principle.

We will do our best to live up to this principle by developing new tools and optimizing existing products to make your work more efficient and easier.

For the past 20 years, we have specialized in the design and manufacturing of outdoor power equipments while working closely with trusted and reputable component suppliers. This enables us to provide tailor-made OEM services to reputable brick-and-mortar and e-commerce retailers.

from hand to power, we've got your work covered

service excellence

We enhance our services with product customization, design and packaging to ensure every piece of outdoor machinery meets our customers’ expectations and has a positive impact on their business. Comprehensive manuals and demonstration videos are also available to maximize customer usage of our products.

Our dedicated after-sales team is always ready to resolve any product queries or issues, providing timely maintenance, spare parts and warranty support to minimize business interruption.

We value customer feedback as it helps us to continuously improve our products. Choose us for your hand tools and power equipment needs!

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Our Team

As a manufacturer of hand tools and power equipment, we have a team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals who contribute greatly to the success and reputation of our company.

For more than two decades, our team has been customer-focused. Demonstrating a friendly and patient attitude ensures that clients feel comfortable asking questions and seeking guidance.

Our professionals possess excellent technical skills that enable them to understand the intricate details of manufacturing processes and product specifications. This expertise enables them to solve problems and provide effective solutions.

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Ultra-premium materials, humanistic quality and design innovation can change your life. Nearly 20 years of in-depth experience in the outdoor power equipments industry has made us a well-known brand at home and abroad.

craft your success with us!

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