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LPG generators use LPG instead of other fuels such as diesel or gasoline. More economical and efficient than other types of generators.

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OEM/ODM LPG generator manufacturing services

lpg generators manufacturers and suppliers

MATCHUP generator manufacturer is a leading generator manufacturer specializing in LPG generators. Provide customers with reliable LPG generator solutions.

LPG gas generators have excellent fuel efficiency and use LPG as fuel to reduce operating costs and reduce environmental impact. This makes MATCHUP LPG gas generators the first choice of increasingly environmentally conscious consumers.

MATCHUP generator are highly praised by customers for their excellent products and services, as well as their commitment to the environment. Whether in the commercial or personal sphere, MATCHUP LPG generators are a reliable, efficient and energy-saving choice.

MATCHUP LPG generators

the world's leading lpg manufacturer

why choose MATCHUP lpg generator manufacturing company?

LPG generators have long service life and high power, and are very popular among customers. From domestic LPG generators to heavy-duty LPG generators, MATCHUP offers LPG generators to perfectly suit your power needs.

Designed for operator and engine equipment safety. Includes low oil sensor and shutdown protection, and protects your equipment with 30A and 50A circuit breakers.

Equipped with a rugged and durable air-cooled engine. Features low fuel level sensor for automatic shutdown and optional carbon monoxide sensor shutdown.

MATCHU LPG generator offers manual recoil start and electric start with maintenance-free batteries for easy starting. The generator has a set of wheels so it can be taken with you wherever needed. A generator of this size is more than enough to power the most critical items in your home during a power outage.

The MATCHUP LPG generator has a 30 amp plug and is upgraded with an additional 50 amp plug.

Use duplex receptacles and twist-lock connectors to connect power cords, tools, or appliances. Circuit breaker and reset switch, keyless electric start, and timer with LED status indicator for easy operation and monitoring.

MATCHUP’s LPG generators can be used anytime and anywhere. The large 6.6-gallon fuel tank can run at half load for 10 hours during a power outage, and the clean air engine promotes a healthier environment.

The enclosed suitcase-style housing reduces noise to 52 decibels. Unique Eco Throttle means the engine only runs as fast as the load requires, ensuring maximum fuel efficiency and reduced noise.

MATCHUP’s automatic engine decompression feature makes pull-starting the alternator easier, and the rubber feet eliminate any buzzing from the ground.

MATCHUP: one-stop lpg generator fabrication services
LPG generator customization service

Trusted OEM lpg Generator Manufacturing Company

MATCHUP is a leading OEM LPG gas generator manufacturers that offers high-quality and reliable generators for a variety of applications. With years of experience in the industry, MATCHUP has established itself as a trusted supplier of LPG gas generators to customers all over the world.

In addition, MATCHUP can design custom LPG generators for different purposes and needs, such as:

  • Small/Mini Lpg Generator
  • Portable Lpg Generator
  • Inverter Lpg Generator
  • Industrial Lpg Generators
  • Commercial Lpg Generators
  • Bi/Tri-Fuel Generators
  • ……

You can find everything you need at MATCHUP generator!

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essential guide to purchasing the perfect lpg generator

In the ever-evolving spheres of energy and power, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) generators have rapidly surfaced as a formidable contender, gaining considerable recognition for their reliability and environmental credentials. As the world seeks cleaner and more sustainable energy solutions, LPG generators stand out in the crowd, offering a blend of practicality, efficiency, and cleaner combustion.

Whether you’re a homeowner seeking a seamless power transition during outages or a business professional aiming for an efficient and greener backup solution, this guide will turn you into a savvy LPG generator buyer.

Purchasing an LPG generator is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. There is a range of options available, allowing you to customize it to suit your property’s specific needs. At MATCHUP portable generators suppliers, our technical team is happy to discuss your preferences and help you find the ideal power solution.

what are LPG generators?

Like many other MATCHUP generators, MATCHUP LPG generators are available in a variety of types to suit different needs.

benefits and drawbacks of an LPG generator

One of the unique advantages of LPG generators is their cleanliness. They burn cleaner than generators that run on gasoline or diesel, producing fewer pollutants and lessening environmental impact. Additionally, they offer longevity, as LPG doesn’t degrade over time like liquid fuels. This makes LPG generators ideal for infrequent use, as the fuel won’t stale and cause any operational issues.

However, LPG generators have some disadvantages. The storage and availability of LPG, especially in remote areas. In addition, LPG has a lower energy density compared to diesel or gasoline, which means you may need more LPG to produce the same power output.

When compared with other types, diesel generators are often more powerful and fuel-efficient but come with a higher environmental cost due to increased emissions. Gasoline generators are generally cheaper but not as long-lasting or as efficient as LPG or diesel generators.

types of LPG generators

Like many other MATCHUP generators, LPG generators come in a variety of types to suit different needs.

  • Portable LPG generators are compact, easy to move around, and ideal for outdoor events or worksites.
  • Standby LPG generators, on the other hand, are permanently installed and automatically kick in when a power outage occurs, providing uninterrupted power to your home or business.
  • There are also inverter LPG generators, which produce clean, stable power ideal for sensitive electronics.
MATCHUP lpg generator manufacturers

factors to consider when purchasing an LPG generator

Don’t let rain, snow, or wind keep you in the dark. Consider These Factors with the Help of a Knowledgeable MATCHUP LPG generator suppliers consider these features to ensure you buy the best LPG generator.

purpose and capacity

The first factor to consider is the purpose of buying the generator. Are you purchasing it for residential, commercial or industrial use? Each category has its own power needs.

  1. Residential: Home-based usage usually requires less power, but make sure to consider all appliances that need to be powered during an outage.
  2. Commercial: Businesses may have higher energy needs, particularly if they have specific equipment that must remain operational at all times.
  3. Industrial: Industrial settings often demand high power outputs. Bear in mind the machines and systems that cannot afford interruption.

Power Output

Related to the purpose of the generator is its power output. Generators are rated in watts, so you should identify the total wattage of the appliances or machinery you wish to power, then select a generator with a corresponding power output.

generator size

Physical size and power output often go hand in hand with generators. Consider where you will store the generator to make sure it will fit.

price and budget

Budget is a crucial decision-making factor. While you don’t want to overspend, remember that a higher upfront cost often means better quality and longer lifespan.

fuel efficiency and running cost

Compare fuel consumption rates under similar loads for different generators. More efficient models will have lower long-term operating costs.

noise level

Noise can be a significant issue for generators. Look at the decibel levels of generators if silence is an important factor for you.

portability and installation

Standby generators are typically larger and require professional installation. Portable models give you more flexibility and are better suited to occasional use or for outdoor activities.


Check reviews and product descriptions to gauge the durability of the generator. More durable generators have sturdier parts, better manufacturing, and are designed to withstand prolonged use.

additional features

Look out for features that provide extra convenience or safety:

automatic voltage regulation (AVR)

Ensures the output remains steady, important for devices sensitive to voltage swings.

electric start

Some portable models offer this push-button alternative that eliminates the need to pull the engine. Consider the added cost (about $50) if batteries are not included.

low oil shutdown

If the oil drops below the minimum level, the generator will shut down to prevent engine damage. Usually a standard feature on stationary generators, it is increasingly common on portable generators.

Auto-transfer switch

When the power goes off, the LPG generator keeps running—without your effort. This is great if you travel or work far from home and can’t always get there quickly in an emergency.

covered outlets

Protect the plugs from dust and moisture.

fuel gauge

Especially during an extended outage, you might appreciate the ability to see at a glance how much LPG is left in your generator.

remote monitoring:

Enables controlling the generator remotely, providing convenience and safety.

multiple outlets

Four or more will allow you to make the best use of the wattage by spreading the load, but we recommend using them only when you’re at home in an extreme pinch or out and about, such as at a campsite.

detachable console

This connects to the generator so you can plug in the unit without running a potentially risky extension cord outdoors.

Auto shut off carbon monoxide

This critical safety feature automatically shuts down the generator’s engine if the built-in CO sensor detects lethal gas at a certain level. LPG generators must have this feature and must pass CR’s safety tests.


The benefits of choosing an LPG generator are crucial. Cleaner burning, less maintenance, quiet operation and cost-effectiveness make MATCHUP LPG generators the best in their class. These advantages, coupled with their versatility for residential, commercial, and industrial use, make LPG generators a worthy choice for backup power.MATCHUP

MATCHUP LPG generator factory

MATCHUP – a leading supplier of LPG generators that you can trust.

MATCHUP provides LPG generator manufacturing services to various industries. We have been experts in LPG generator manufacturing and suppliers in China for many years.

By offering generator manufacturing, we can manufacture different small and micro-generator accessories with excellent precision. All final generators are designed according to your requirements. Every generator accessory is ideal for restoration, repair, and replacement.

We are fully capable of producing unique but cheaper custom products. Advanced machines support us. With decades of experience, MATCHUP provides precise and beautiful designs for your projects.

Learn more about MATCHUP’s range of generators. Versatile, flexible, strong, compact, and reliable generator for sale.

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