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CRESTONE mission statement

As our company has thrived, several core principles have consistently guided us. The most important of these are quality, continuous improvement and attention to human values. Throughout our journey, more principles have become integrated into our ethos.

CRESTONE & MATCHUP is headquartered in China and adopts advanced manufacturing technology and strict quality control measures. Committed to producing durable, efficient, precision-engineered hand tools and power equipment to meet the diverse needs of customers around the world.

CRESTONE believes in the power of innovation and continually strives to enhance our products to ensure they remain at the forefront of industry standards. We don’t just create tools, we create solutions that provide optimal performance and longevity.

Come on this journey with us as we continue to shape the future of outdoor machinery.

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guiding principles – who we are

As a global leader in the manufacturing of hand tools and power equipments, OutdoorMachinery is our customers’ first choice in its category. Our tools are competitively priced, perform well, have a unique image and have outstanding advantages.

Our financial goals include achieving positive returns, continued growth and secure financing. In doing so, we strengthen our investment capabilities and pave the way for our continued progress.

Our goal is to remain an autonomous family business in the long term.

We create advantage and value for our business partners, our employees and the locations where we do business.

Our goals – what we want

We are the world’s leading manufacturers of hand tools and power equipments and our customers’ best partner in outdoor power equipment. We offer competitive product ranges, prices and performance, as well as unmistakable form and superior product benefits.

Our economic goals are profitability, continued growth and stable financing. This is how we build our investment strength and create room for further growth.

We want to create benefits and value for our business partners, employees and the regions in which we operate.


our employees – makes us successful

Our company’s success is based on the qualifications and mindset of its employees.

Their expertise, dedication and innovative ideas guide our performance and shape our future trajectory. We build an enabling environment to realize their potential and safeguard their well-being. We recognize their professional and personal growth.

Our goal is to be among the top and most attractive employers in our region and industry. Join us on our journey towards excellence.

our actions – how we achieve our goals

We set high standards for productivity and results and relentlessly pursue excellence in quality and performance.

We systematically look for underutilized potential and avenues for enhancement across all departments. Our approach is one of continuous learning, open innovation, and addressing shortcomings—including our own—in a constructive, solution-focused way.

We are always looking for untapped possibilities and opportunities to enhance in every aspect through a targeted and systematic approach. We embrace learning, welcome innovation, and address mistakes and shortcomings, even our own, in an open and solution-driven way.

Our collaborative spirit is one of dedication, mutual respect, helpfulness and friendliness, both internally and externally.

We foster and expect ownership, initiative, engagement and determination to achieve goals.

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