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MATCHUP is a commercial pressure washer manufacturer and supplier from China, providing a variety of commercial pressure washers at wholesale prices.

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Save time, money and resources! MATCHUP offers a range of commercial pressure washers for commercial cleaning needs. Great for removing dirt, grease, grime and oil stains.

MATCHUP commercial pressure washer is high performance and easy to use, making your cleaning activities more efficient. No matter the cleaning challenge, MATCHUP has the perfect solution.


professional commercial pressure washers manufacturer

trusted commercial pressure washers manufacturing company

MATCHUP is China’s premier commercial pressure washer manufacturer company, designed with durability and reliability in mind. Made from best-in-class materials to meet the demands of commercial operations and provide continued efficiency.

Additionally, they boast user-friendly maintenance features with simple guides to ensure worry-free maintenance of your commercial pressure washer to keep it in tip-top shape.

MATCHUP high-quality commercial pressure washers generate up to 5,000 psi of pressure, allowing you to easily remove stubborn dirt and grime from a variety of surfaces.

Heavy-duty materials were used that can withstand daily use in a commercial environment. In addition, MATCHUP commercial pressure washers feature multiple safety features to ensure safe and reliable operation, including pressure relief valves and thermal protection.

Not only do they excel in performance, but also in reliability. Customers receive quality products, unparalleled training, support and advice when needed, as well as a team of professional service engineers who are rigorously trained on all the products we sell.

Whether you’re cleaning your car, patio, driveway or siding, MATCHUP’s commercial pressure washers can get the job done. They come in a variety of sizes and power options to suit different cleaning needs, ensuring you find the ideal commercial pressure washer for your task.

MATCHUP commercial pressure washer makes cleaning a breeze

why choose a commercial pressure washers from a supplier

Your one-stop shop for all your pressure washing needs! MATCHUP offers the widest range of commercial pressure washers, so you’re sure to find the perfect machine for your specific job. Cut out the middleman and get a high-quality commercial pressure washer direct from the factory at an unbeatable price.

Our extensive selection of commercial pressure washers has something to suit every cleaning task. Plus, our factory direct pricing ensures you get the most for your money.


how to choose the right commercial pressure washer

The role of commercial pressure washers in the commercial cleaning world cannot be underestimated – they are an indispensable tool that has revolutionized the way we maintain cleanliness and hygiene. From park cleaning and graffiti removal to dirt treatment on large industrial estates, pressure washers are the unsung heroes that can make up for the shortcomings of traditional cleaning methods.

However, the market is saturated with various types, models and sizes, so how do you choose the best commercial pressure washer for your needs? It’s not as simple as simply picking one off the shelf. Making the right choice requires consideration of a variety of factors, including power source, pressure output, water flow rate, surface to be cleaned, and more.

This article is designed to guide you through basic considerations to help you choose a pressure washer that will efficiently and effectively meet your commercial cleaning needs. Buckle up as we move toward a cleaner, more efficient workspace together.


pressure and water flow

To choose the best commercial pressure washer, it is crucial to understand the basics of PSI (pounds per square inch) and GPM (gallons per minute).

PSI refers to the water pressure produced by a pressure washer, effectively quantifying its “cleaning power.” Higher PSI provides stronger water jets that can remove stubborn dirt and grime.

GPM measures the rate of water dispensed by the washer. Simply put, it is an indicator of the speed of your pressure washer. High GPM means higher cleaning speeds and therefore less working time.

PSI and GPM are not independent components – it is their symbiotic relationship that determines how well a pressure washer cleans. A machine may have a higher PSI, but without supplemental GPM to flush away dirt, your cleaning tasks may become tedious and inefficient.

Understand your needs

Knowing your exact cleaning requirements can help match the right pressure and flow rate to the task. Light tasks such as cleaning your car, outdoor furniture, or a small patio typically require a lower PSI (around 1300 to 2000 PSI) and flow rate. For intensive tasks like stripping paint, deep cleaning large concrete areas, or removing oil stains, larger PSI (over 3000 PSI) and higher GPM will be beneficial.

Another aspect involves assessing the size of the cleaning task. A small yard that requires occasional cleaning will require a different pressure washer than a large industrial complex that requires routine maintenance.

Finally, determine the type of surface you want to clean. Softer or more delicate surfaces such as car bodies or wooden floors require a low-pressure setting, while durable surfaces such as brick, metal, or concrete can withstand higher pressure levels.

Balancing these factors will help you choose the pressure washer that best meets your needs, ensures efficient use of resources, and delivers superior cleaning results.


key considerations in choosing a commercial pressure washer

Electricity and gas

Choosing an electric or gas commercial pressure washer depends on power needs, noise tolerance, willingness to maintain, and work environment.

Electric commercial pressure washers are generally quieter, require less maintenance, and are suitable for indoor use, making them ideal for light to moderate cleaning tasks. However, they are weak and their mobility may be limited by the length of the wire.

Gas commercial pressure washers, on the other hand, are more powerful and more portable since they are not tethered to a power cord. However, they are often noisier, more expensive to maintain and produce higher emissions, which may be a concern for environmentally conscious users.

Hot and cold water

Your specific cleaning needs will guide your decision between a hot water commercial pressure washer or a cold water commercial pressure washer.

Hot water commercial pressure washers are very effective on grease, oil, and stubborn stains. However, they carry higher cost implications and have more complex operational requirements.

Cold water commercial pressure washers are generally cheaper and easier to operate, and can effectively solve most common cleaning tasks.

Mobility and portability

For larger complexes or if cleaning tasks require frequent relocation, wheeled units are preferred due to their ease of transport and maneuverability. On the contrary, when the cleaning radius is limited and the power requirements are high, stationary units can be considered.

Other functions

Other features worth considering include pump type (axial is suitable for infrequent use, while triplex guarantees durability and longevity), flow control and safety features (to prevent high-pressure damage), hose lengths and nozzles for a variety of cleaning tasks options, as well as ease of use and maintenance requirements.

Remember, the perfect commercial pressure washer for your business isn’t necessarily the most powerful or expensive, but rather the one that perfectly meets your unique needs and provides the best return on investment. As you navigate the process, use this guide as your road map to make an informed purchase to achieve your commercial cleaning goals.


Choosing the right commercial pressure washer is not an impulsive decision; it requires an in-depth analysis of the various aspects highlighted in this guide. From core specifications like PSI and GPM, which determine cleaning capabilities and efficiency, to the choice between electric and gas power, each factor plays a unique role. The choice of hot or cold water functionality is important depending on your cleaning requirements, while features related to various components such as mobility, additional protection mechanisms, and hose length and nozzle options deserve careful consideration.

So, use the knowledge you absorb from this guide, balance your needs with your means, and make the choices that will take your commercial cleaning scenario to the next level.

about commercial pressure washers, people also ask:

Generally speaking, yes. However, it is recommended to use a PSI of around 3000 to clean concrete surfaces more effectively. High strength removes stubborn stains with ease.

The primary distinction is that power washing cleans using extremely pressurized steam. At the same time, pressure washing uses only unheated tap water without a heating element.

Pressure washers are not toys. Ideally, you should wear protective clothing and avoid spraying other organisms, such as pets, plants, or nuisance neighbors. The initial pressure of a fire hose is usually around 100 psi, a typical garden hose might be around 60 psi, and a medium-sized pressure washer can have a maximum pressure of 2,800 psi.

Always protect your eyes when using a pressure washer. Ear protection is a good idea with any loud gas-powered model.

Home power washers have a limited use time (20-60 minutes at a time) and may not be suitable for long-term use.

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