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MATCHUP air-cooled diesel generators

air-cooled diesel generators

MATCHUP is a leading supplier of air-cooled diesel generators to various industries. No matter version, model or function, MATCHUP can meet your requirements.
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When it comes to backup power, diesel generators often dominate. Diesel engines are very fuel efficient. They also last longer, which means you don’t need to replace them as often. Finally, there is less risk of ignition and safer operation.

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of air-cooled diesel generators, MATCHUP offers a wide range of air-cooled diesel generator models that provide reliable power even in demanding environments. Browse our range of portable diesel generators and buy the highest quality air-cooled diesel generator at factory prices direct.

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Leading manufacturer of air-cooled diesel generators

MATCHUP: air-cooled diesel generator manufacturing company

Uninterruptible power supplies are vital to businesses and industries. That’s where MATCHUP, your trusted manufacturer of quality air-cooled diesel generators, comes in.

But why choose MATCHUP for your air-cooled diesel generator needs? Here are a few reasons:

The MATCHUP air-cooled diesel generator has a 30 per cent higher starting capacity and handles large electrical loads effortlessly. It has proven invaluable for both emergency power and recreational activities.
The hour meter tracks maintenance intervals to keep your air-cooled diesel generator in top condition. In addition, the low oil level shutdown feature automatically protects the engine from damage, ensuring a long and reliable life!

We go beyond the basics with features that enhance your experience. Many of our models come equipped with:

  • Remote start: Control your generator from afar for added convenience.
  • Parallel operation: Double your power output by linking two generators together.
  • Digital displays: Monitor fuel level, runtime, and power output at a glance.
  • USB ports: Charge your devices directly from the generator.

MATCHUP’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction ensures that our customers have the best possible experience. A team of generator specialists is available to advise and guide customers on the use and maintenance of their generators.

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customized air-cooled diesel generator solutions

world's preeminent suppliers of air-cooled generators

MATCHUP is proud to be a leading supplier of high quality air-cooled diesel generators. With a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, we understand that every power generation requirement is unique. Therefore we provide tailor-made solutions to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

  • Various sizes and types of engines
  • Custom control panels such as start/stop buttons, gauges and warning lights.
  • Different tank sizes
  • Open frame, soundproof enclosure, and weatherproof enclosure.
  • AVR, surge protection, ATS, remote monitoring and paralleling capabilities
  • ……
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