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As a professional pressure washer manufacturer and supplier, we have a wide range of pressure washers in our warehouse, which are ideal for commercial and domestic use and are equipped with high-tech and advanced features. , the MATCHUP pressure washer saves you water, works efficiently and effectively, and saves you from otherwise hopeless stains.


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If you don’t have a MATCHUP pressure washer, your yard will suffer a lot. When excessive scrubbing and cleaning with expensive chemicals doesn’t work, use pressure water to remove mold, dried paint, dust, and rust from cars, windows, decks, patios, and carpets. MATCHUP pressure washers are the ultimate solution for appliances!

MATCHUP pressure washers are engineered to deliver unparalleled performance, ensuring efficient and effective cleaning in a variety of industrial and commercial environments. With a powerful motor and precision engineering, it tackles the toughest dirt and grime with ease.

Whether you’re cleaning outdoor surfaces, industrial equipment or precision machinery, MATCHUP pressure cleaners offer the versatility to handle a variety of cleaning tasks. From gentle cleaning to intense blasting, always adjust to suit different surfaces and cleaning requirements.

Safety first! As a trusted pressure washer manufacturer, MATCHUP’s pressure washers are equipped with advanced safety features to protect the operator and the environment. Safety is prioritized in every aspect of the design, from the automatic shut-off mechanism to the pressure relief valve.

Designed with user convenience in mind, the MATCHUP pressure washer is user-friendly and intuitive to operate. With its ergonomic design and simple controls, it’s quick to learn and use effectively, with our dedicated team to help you.

MATCHUP offers a range of options to suit your specific needs, from motors for indoor environments to petrol or diesel powered pressure washers for outdoor and remote locations. Whether it’s adjusting pressure levels, nozzle configurations or accessories, we’ve got you covered.

durable and efficient: the reliable pressure washer for every job

why choose a pressure washer from a supplier

Pressure washers are one of the most useful pieces of equipment available today. As water becomes increasingly scarce as a natural resource, MATCHUP pressure washers require less water and minimal effort to ensure all stains are removed.

MATCHUP’s range of professional pressure washers are designed to meet the most demanding cleaning requirements. These hot and cold pressure machines deliver power, reliability and exceptional operability even in the most demanding conditions. The perfect combination of professional performance, innovative design, durability and technological innovation, the MATCHUP pressure washer is your indispensable cleaning tool.


how to choosing the right pressure washer ?

Pressure washers use a powerful stream of water to wash away dirt and grime, making outdoor cleaning a breeze compared to a simple hose. However, choosing the right pressure washer can be tricky given the wide variety of products available.

This guide from MATCHUP will give you all the knowledge you need to find the perfect pressure washer. We’ll take a closer look at how they work and the cleaning tasks they handle. We’ll also explore the different pressure washer types, features, and accessories you need to consider before paying for one.

how pressure washers work ?

A pressure washer typically has a high-pressure hose, cleaning attachment or nozzle, motor, water pump, and water inlet.

The working principle of the high-pressure cleaning machine is to suck in low-pressure water, place a small filter at the water inlet to prevent mold inside the machine, and then the motor helps the high-pressure pump to generate pressure to pressurize it. pressure water is then delivered through a hose to a spray gun or nozzle, from where it focuses its action on the surface to be cleaned.


choosing cleaning power: PSI and GPM

Before purchasing a pressure washer, its PSI, GPM, and cleaning gear must be verified. Choosing the right PSI level for the task is crucial, as higher PSI means the water exerts more force on the surface to be cleaned. Excessive PSI can easily cause damage to the surface.

The key to understanding a pressure washer’s cleaning capabilities are two numbers you’ll see on every machine: PSI (pounds per square inch) and GPM (gallons per minute).

PSI (pounds per square inch): A measurement of pressure power output, PSI defines the “power” delivered by a pressure washer. A higher PSI means the water stream exerts more force on the surface, resulting in a more powerful cleaning effect, ideal for removing tightly bound dirt and stains.

GPM (gallons per minute): Measures water flow. GPM indicates how much water the machine uses per minute to distribute cleaning power. A higher GPM value means a greater volume of water is released, allowing the pressure washer to cover a larger surface area faster, rinse more efficiently and penetrate deeper into crevices and textured surfaces.

CU(Cleaning units): Both PSI and GPM are important because they directly impact the overall cleaning capabilities of your pressure washer – often expressed as “Cleaning Units” (CU). The higher the CU, the greater the cleaning power of the pressure washer. Calculating CU is very simple, cleaning units are calculated as PSI (force) times GPM (flow)((PSI x GPM = CU).). So a machine with 2000 PSI and 2 GPM would have 4000 CUs.

Residential and Commercial Use

For general household cleaning tasks, a light- to medium-duty pressure washer is usually sufficient. But if you need a commercial pressure washer for cleaning large buildings, stripping paint, or other heavy-duty tasks, go for it.

Here’s how to choose the right PSI for pressure washer:

  • Lightweight (Low PSI and GPM, less than 2000 PSI, class=”GPM less than 2): Ideal for tasks like cleaning cars, patio furniture, boats, and grills.
  • Medium (Medium PSI and GPM, 2000 – 2800 PSI and 2 – 2.5 GPM): Ideal for larger areas and objects such as decks, fences, and home siding.
  • Heavy duty (High PSI and GPM, above 2800 PSI, GPM above 2.5): Ideal for a variety of tough cleaning tasks, such as removing old paint, cleaning stone walls, or commercial applications.

electric vs gas-powered pressure washers

A pressure washer’s power source (gas or electric) can enhance or inhibit its versatility.

Gas engines are generally more powerful and mobile, making them ideal for working on large areas and stubborn dirt, but they require regular maintenance, produce noise and emit exhaust fumes.

In comparison, power washers are generally quieter, lighter, and require less maintenance, although they may lack the punch of heavy-duty work and have limited mobility due to their power cords.

accessories and extras

Pressure washer cleaners are available for a variety of cleaning tasks, and a variety of accessories and cleaners can enhance your pressure washing experience. Be sure to check your owner’s manual to make sure parts are compatible with your specific pressure washer.

  • Brushes can be attached to the gun for tougher cleaning jobs.
  • Extension poles and specialized nozzles can help you reach high in buildings.
  • Surface cleaners feature rotating nozzles that are ideal for cleaning large flat surfaces like driveways and walkways.

hot vs cold water pressure washer

Cold water pressure washer: For daily cleaning tasks, you can opt for a cold water pressure washer. They are great for general maintenance around your property, vehicle cleaning, and even hazardous materials cleanup.

Hot water pressure washer: When cold water doesn’t remove stubborn dirt, use a hot water pressure washer. Hot water treats stubborn dirt, greasy buildup, and other stuck-on messes more effectively.

MATCHUP: manufacturer of pressure cleaners

As you explore the world of pressure washers and seek to make an informed decision, rest assured that you have a reliable partner to help you on your journey. As an industry-leading pressure washer manufacturer and supplier, contact MATCHUP today and let us guide you to the ideal option for your specific needs while ensuring excellent after-sales support

Embrace the power of choice. Experience the satisfaction of sparkling results with the MATCHUP pressure washer. You make a call and we provide differentiated services.

about pressure washers, people also ask:

Pressure washing provides a thorough, deep clean, which is more important than you think – it’s not just about looks, although appearance is important too. Good cleaning helps keep your family or employees safe and healthy and prevents damage to your home or business premises.

The primary distinction is that power washing cleans using extremely pressurized steam. At the same time, pressure washing uses only unheated tap water without a heating element.

Pressure washers are not toys. Ideally, you should wear protective clothing and avoid spraying other organisms, such as pets, plants, or nuisance neighbors. The initial pressure of a fire hose is usually around 100 psi, a typical garden hose might be around 60 psi, and a medium-sized pressure washer can have a maximum pressure of 2,800 psi.

Always protect your eyes when using a pressure washer. Ear protection is a good idea with any loud gas-powered model.

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