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If you’re looking for a reliable and durable gasoline generator manufacturers, contact MATCHUP. We can provide you with the perfect model and answer any questions you may have.

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Gasoline generators are a more affordable option than other backup power sources. Since gasoline is readily available and relatively inexpensive, gasoline generators are also relatively inexpensive to operate.

MATCHUP is China’s leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality gasoline generators. We offer various types of petrol generators to suit the varying needs of our customers ranging from corporate to industrial and construction applications.

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professional manufacturers of gasoline generator

why choose MATCHUP gasoline generator manufacturing company?

When the lights go out or you need power on the go, MATCHUP’s gasoline generator can be your lifesaver. MATCHUP’s petrol generators come with a wide range of features and benefits, making them the best choice on the market. Some of our most popular features include

MATCHUP gasoline generators are compact and lightweight, making them easy to transport and use wherever you need them. Whether you are working on a construction site or providing backup power during a power outage, MATCHUP gasoline generators will keep your important appliances and equipment up and running.
The MATCHUP gasoline generator has a quick-start feature that usually starts within seconds of pulling the cord. It is also equipped with an automatic transfer switch (ATS). This ensures uninterrupted power supply in the event of a power outage, allowing your important appliances and electronic equipment to operate without any manual intervention.
MATCHUP generators have been rigorously tested for 98% reliability in a wide range of environmental conditions. Stable performance even in the harshest environments gives users peace of mind.
MATCHUP offers a wide range of generator sizes and outputs to choose from, so you can select the most appropriate model for your specific power needs. Whether you need enough power for a few appliances or an entire house, there is a gasoline generator for you.
your trusted gasoline generator manufacturers and suppliers
Customized gasoline generators for your unique energy needs

world's preeminent manufacturer of gasoline generators

Custom generators are available to meet your individual needs. MATCHUP can make any generator you need. We can meet your needs, including portable gasoline generators, silent gasoline generators, small gasoline generators, and household gasoline generators.

You can purchase or customize your gasoline generator at a competitive and cheap price!

  • Custom generator wattage
  • Choose from a range of reliable engines
  • Manual start, electric start or remote start
  • Digital display with comprehensive monitoring and data logging capabilities
  • larger fuel tank
  • Integrated silencer or sound enclosure
  • Automatic transfer switch, battery charger and parallel functions
  • ……

petrol generator purchasing guide

Gasoline generators are a very useful device when you need to provide temporary power during outdoor events, camping, power outages, or other occasions. However, before purchasing a gasoline generator, it is important to understand how to choose the right one and understand its performance, safety and maintenance requirements. This guide will give you detailed information on buying a gasoline generator to help you make an informed decision.

benefits of gasoline generators

Gasoline generators are great for small jobs because these systems run much quieter than diesel-powered systems. It is also lighter, smaller and easier to carry.

Gasoline is generally a more readily available fuel. This means you can take it from home to a construction site and then to a campsite for the weekend. At the same time, gasoline generators require less maintenance and are often cheaper.

Common Applications for Gasoline Generators

Whenever the power goes out, gasoline generators come to the rescue. They’re a reliable backup for your home, keeping essential appliances like refrigerators, lights, and medical equipment running. These generators are also popular on construction sites and remote areas with limited power. For outdoor enthusiasts, campers, and RV owners, a gasoline generator can provide the power they need to power appliances and equipment while adventuring. Even businesses find them useful: as a temporary power source in the event of an incident or as a reliable backup for critical operations.


types of petrol generators

There are different types of gasoline generators, each with their advantages in specific situations. Here are the most common types including:

  • Portable generators: These small, lightweight things can be easily taken with you anywhere you need a boost of power. Perfect for camping, outdoor activities, or when you just need to run some appliances.
  • Inverter generator: If your electronic devices require clean, stable power, then an Inverter Generator is your friend. They are also known for being quiet, using less fuel and being compact. Perfect for camping trips, tailgating, or any other outdoor event.
  • Backup generators: They are permanently installed outside your home or business. They start automatically when the power is turned off and can keep the device running for a long time. Ideal for backup power in homes, offices and commercial buildings.

things to consider when purchasing a gasoline generator

Gasoline generators can be a lifesaver during a power outage, providing essential backup power for your home or recreational activities. But with so many options on the market, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. Let MATCHUP guide you through these key factors:

determine power requirements

The first and most important factor is determining your power needs. Identify the appliances you will be powering at the same time (lights, refrigerator, sump pump) and find their starting and running wattages. Add these together to determine the minimum wattage required for your generator. Consider providing a 20-30% buffer for unexpected needs.

portability, size and weight

Depending on your intended use, the size and weight of the generator are important. Smaller, more portable units are great for camping and other outdoor activities, while larger generators may be suitable for powering an entire house. Look for a generator with a compact design, sturdy wheels, and an easy-to-grip handle for improved maneuverability.

starting process: electric start and recoil start

Gasoline generators generally have two starting methods: electric start and recoil or manual start. Electric starter generators, while slightly more expensive, start quickly and easily with the push of a button. Recoil-start generators, on the other hand, require manual (pulling a cord) to start, but are generally more affordable and reliable.

number and type of sockets

The number and type of outlets on your generator are critical, especially if you need to power multiple or unique devices. Some generators offer a 220-volt outlet in addition to the standard 110-volt outlet, allowing you to power large appliances or specialty tools.

security features

When it comes to safety, not all generators are created equal. Some modern generators have built-in carbon monoxide (CO) detectors that will shut down the generator if CO levels reach dangerous levels. Another important safety feature to look out for is the low-oil shutdown system, which prevents operation in low-oil conditions and prevents engine damage.


Balance functionality, durability and price according to your budget and requirements. Generally speaking, models with higher power output and more features cost more. However, don’t overlook the cheaper models as they offer great performance and durability. Worth investing in quality to avoid future maintenance or replacement costs,

noise level

Noise level is an often overlooked factor. Residential areas have noise regulations, and even when camping, an excessively noisy generator can be disturbing. Check the decibel (dB) level of the generator before purchasing. 

fuel efficiency and run time

Fuel efficiency is critical for long periods of uninterrupted operation and lower operating costs. A generator with high fuel efficiency will save operating costs in the long run. Additionally, look for generators that indicate long run times, usually calculated as the number of hours they can run on a single tank of fuel at a specific load.

automatic power transfer switch

An automatic transfer switch (ATS) is an advanced feature commonly used on backup home generators. It senses when a power outage occurs and automatically turns the generator on, then turns it off when normal power is restored. While this is a more expensive add-on, it provides convenience and continued power during a power outage.

maintenance of gasoline generators

if you want the generator to have unparalleled performance and long service life, regular maintenance is the key.

Keep Your Generator In Top Condition:
the best preventive medicine for generators is to follow the detailed information on regular generator maintenance in the operator’s manual.
if your generator is operating in warm or dusty conditions, perform maintenance operations more frequently.
remember to record the maintenance you perform and the time the generator is running. this helps optimize the life cycle and provides a basis for supporting warranty claims.
for the maintenance, repair or replacement of emission control equipment and systems, you must choose the best generator repair professionals

gasoline generator manufacturer in china

MATCHUP gasoline generators are widely used in industrial, commercial, agricultural, and household generators. MATCHUP’s R&D team fully understands the power needs of different industries, so it provides a variety of customization options, from power generation to noise control, from size and weight to safety performance, to create a gasoline generator that best suits your needs.

As a professional gasoline generator manufacturer in China, MATCHUP is always committed to providing customers with excellent products and services. Our professional technical team will follow up on your order throughout the entire process to ensure that every gasoline generator you purchase can meet your expectations.

In addition, we also provide comprehensive after-sales service so that you can still enjoy a worry-free experience after purchasing a MATCHUP gasoline generator.

about gasoline generator, people also ask:

Gasoline generator is another name for petrol generator, and its working principle is similar to that of a car engine. They have two main parts: the gasoline engine and the alternator that generates electricity. When you start the generator, the engine burns gasoline, pushing the pistons back and forth. This movement generates mechanical energy. The alternator then absorbs this mechanical energy and converts it into electrical current. The amount of electricity (measured in watts) a generator can produce reflects its overall power generation capacity.

Please note that the power requirements listed are approximate and may vary based on the specific model and purpose of each device. In addition, the total power consumption should not exceed the generator’s capacity of 1500 watts.
Device Power Requirement (Watts)
Small refrigerator/freezer 500-800
Television 100-400
Laptop/Desktop Computer 50-300
Fan 50-100
LED/CFL Lights 5-20
Microwave 600-1200
Coffee Maker 600-1200
Blender 300-800
Portable Heater 750-1500
Power Tools Varies

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